Tenth meeting Spanish-Hungarian-German

We met online on 03.05 to finish the course and do the final class.

The learning goal for this last meeting was to learn the colours and to try to describe one’s appearance (hair + colour, eyes + colour), although we knew it was going to be a bit difficult.

The colurs in German were:

black – schwarz, white – weiß,
brown – braun, dark brown – dunkelbraun, light brown – hellbraun, blond – blond, red – rot, grey – grau,
blue – blau, dark blue – dunkelblau,
light blue – hellblau,
green – grün, yellow – gelb, orange – orange(farben), violet – violett / lila, pink – pink

The parts of the body to describe were:

Eyes – Augen, Eyebrows – Augenbrauen, Nose – Nase, Mouth – Mund, Ears – Ohren, Arms – Arme, Legs – Beine, Hair – Haare, fat – dick, thin – dünn, slim – schlank, short – kurz,
long – lang,

For me has been a pleasure to participate in this subject that has helped me to understand better other cultures and to expand my German knowledge. It has been a good experience to teach my language to people of different countries and I would like to repeat it as a professional teacher in a near future.


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