Sixth meeting: Museum

Learning German in the Moomin Museum.

On our sixth meeting, we went to the local and popular Moomin Museum. 

It was fun to walk around and get to know more about the Moomins. I have learned new things about the Finnish culture, but I learned new German words as well. Such as:

  • museum tour = die Museumsführung / Museumstour
  • tour guide = die (Museums)führerin / der (Museums)führer
  • admission fee = Eintrittskosten
  • exhibition = die Ausstellung
  • to be on display = ausgestellt werden
  • showcase = die Vitrine
  • curator = Kurator
  • treasure chest = die Schatztruhe
  • find / discovered object = Fundstück
  • exhibit = Ausstellungsstück

We took some pictures and even made a little video with our handmade paper figures. The video is about Moomintroll who scares away the Hattifatteners.

After all, the museum was a great experience, I am glad that I could go there with a Finnish person because she could answer our questions about Moomins and give us more information about them.


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