Blog 7: Hot coffee and discussions about feeling and values: We met at school and started to talk about casual leadership things and I noticed that Myko had a confusing time with so and too. We started to teach each other the differences between values and prim´nciples. I asked Myko to help me find the correct terms in Vietnamese and tried to pronounce them correctly. I realized that making jokes doesn't usually translate well from one language to another but I wanted to practice some written Vietnamese so I translated a joke from English to Vietnamese and the writing was so interesting looking. You can not recognize any words at all but we had a fun time. I tried to explain the importance of having flexibility and humanity in values and not being too principled in how we see the world. Some rules are important but it is also valuable to remember that human beings are deeply flawed and need mercy and flexibility in their values. We had a philosophical conversation with a hot cup of coffee. It was wonderful to see written Vietnamese and to discover more about how deeply Vietnamese culture and values are in the eyes of the people. Myko and I always enjoy each others company. I learned so much today.


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