Blog 8: Vegetables and Beef, important words in Vietnam: Today I learned the words for onion and carrot as well as beef and chicken. The improvement in both of our pronunciations has surpassed my expectations. We went around the table and Myko pointed out all the different names of the vegetables. I repeated many times and started to think that I might get the hang of this language very soon. Myko taught me how to use different verbs like eat and walk and talk. The verbs in different tenses was quite fun, we laughed a lot as my pronunciations made no real consistent sense. Now I can list the food that I eat and say that I am hungry, tired and or am going for a walk. I feel like I learned so much today. I have expanded my vocabulary and took action on pronouncing full sentences with the new verbs that I have learned. I feel confident that I could definitely go to a restaurant and order a Pho soup!


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