Lamp Hot Pot

We met again and this time we ate lamb hot pot which is quite popular Chinese dish in Vietnam.

This is a pot with an electric stove placed in the middle of the table and everyone will eat together. Melisha brought fresh sausages to my house to introduce me to a popular dish in Finland. We put sausages into the hot pot to eat together. For this dinner, Melisha not only experienced how to use chopsticks, spoons and cups together, but she also experienced sharing food in the Vietnamese style.

We talked to each other about possible business ideas that could be done together, and suitable business forms. Besides that, we also talk about the typical business culture of Finland and Vietnam. While Melisha learned to name the objects and foods on the table, she also taught me the same vocabulary in Finnish.

The evening was wonderful with delicious food, a cozy atmosphere, and the stories shared between us continued without end. We feel peaceful and extremely happy. I feel very lucky to have a friend who can share Canadian and Finnish culture with me and teach me Finnish as well as improve my ability to use English.


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