A list of things, cachai?

– Internship in Valparaiso Chile

– Production of an arts festival in the city of Valparaiso

– Macbook pro broke and left me for good

– Lots of street art

– Lot of bread everywhere

– I am gluten free

– Hot dogs are called completos

– Surfing and more surfing

– The ocean is really cold, though

-And really, really beautiful.

– Everybody drinks tea

– Hard to find good coffee

– I have seven roommates

– The house is cool, though

– At fisrt I felt as if thee city just poured itsel on top of me

– and I was afraid of leaving my house

-because I thought I wouldn´t find my way back home.

-Lots of stairs and hills and colourful houses

– 168 steps to go to my house

– Nice butt workout, though.



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