Ciao bella! - Life in Italy


Greetings from the fascinating Dolomites  of Italy! The south tyrol is truly a place where the mind and soul rest. Yesterday me and the other piano students from Ambrosini´s class went hiking. It was truly a remarkable experience. We walked almost in 1800 meters and spent the whole day watching the most beautiful views and breathing the freshest air you can only imagine. It was wonderful!

Italy and Italians have treated me very well.
Our school is small but active, full of musicians who possess at least the desire to make music with full heart and will. I´d say this is the starting point for all high-quality submission. I am very proud to be part of the music community in Verona. 

The conservatory has become a special place for me. Due to the fact that I spend most of the time there, but also because I got to meet and play with some great people. I have noticed for Italians there is always a moment to catch up despite the situation and share parts of the day with one another. Also the fact how Italians keep in touch with their family members is something, which is little bit missing in the Northern parts of Europe. Perhaps the cultural collectivity has made a biggest impact on me after all.

Lots of greetings and see you very soon,

truly yours,




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