Greetings from sunny Porto!

Where do I even begin…

I study music production and technologies here as well as in TAMK. Transition was pretty smooth, though at TAMK we have in a much more technical way, here we have more discussions, philosophical, experimental, more laid back approach (as you would expect, maybe :). There is much more emphasis placed on traditional musical education, my course is almost border lining with composition department as well, but not quite. But I love that honestly. The school itself is beyond amazing. It’s pretty much small Hogwarts for musicians. The teachers are insanely amazing, both professionally recognized country-wide and in general great human beings. Same for the students – crazy dope people here everywhere. Weird to say this but I am happy with 99% of what I have here. That never happens… 🙂




My spare time is spent mostly on assignments or working on my own project. But occasional hangouts or jam sessions with buddies of course are mandatory. To be honest just walking to the Atlantic ocean to sit on the beach or walk around the beautiful city, full of pirate-looking old alleyways and grand old buildings is just as good. Or take a trip to the south edge of Europe and enjoy never ending sun 🙂

As it compares to Finland, I don’t think they can be compared… They are very different. People here in Portugal are just as professional and knowledgeable, motivated for work, but I feel like the whole environment is just “super chill”. It is not uncommon for people to be late 15-20 minutes everywhere, not update information for things, forget things, it is a big chaos. Despite that, I never feel stressed. Even if nobody really knows anything for sure, its comfortable. Everyone is chill, friendly, laughing, supportive, helpful, understanding, relaxed. Honestly, I think this is the biggest difference I experienced between the 2 cultures. In here, it took me literally not even a day to feel like I am a part of the community. In Finland, maybe a year?… Of course, I am not comparing in terms of good or bad, I am just simply comparing the differences.




But to be honest, it depends on a person. For me for example, I appreciate the constant sun, the friendly people, the musical spirit and creative atmosphere here, the Atlantic ocean and palm trees… It fits my comfortability. Someone else may prefer other things. But well, there you go, that’s my exchange so far 🙂


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