Living in Copenhagen

What I learned living in Copenhagen

I came to Copenhagen in February 2024. I’ve now been living and working here for the past 10 weeks, completing my practical training as part of my BA in Music Production.  I’ve been working for a small audio branding agency, it has been a fantastic experience. I’ve been given a lot of guidance but also a lot of autonomy, learned about the audio branding process and how to work with corporate clients.

After a very short time I felt like included and a valued member of our small team. I was given the chance to run projects, workshops and make decisions that effected the business and overall felt a sense of belonging within the organisation. Now the end of my time here is quickly approaching It feels bittersweet. I’ll be happy to go back to my life in Finland. However, I currently have something that I never thought possible in a job I truly enjoy and feel valued in.

One thing I quickly discovered about Copenhagen is that the city is extremely expensive, this made it very difficult to live off of only the financial support I had. This meant that outside of work I was quite limited to what I could do in my free time. This forced me to do a lot of walking and exploring of the city which I have really enjoyed. My coworkers also helped me to experience more of Copenhagen by showing me and taking me to diffrent places such as the National Gallery of Denmark and theCarlsberg factory tour and beer tasting, which was a highlight!

The weather has been one thing I have enjoyed during my time here. The February through to April can often be a rough time in Finland because of the weather. Snow and slush contantly starting to melt and then freezing, wet feet and slipping constantly. Where as here i have not had to deal with it. It is now spring in Copenhagen and I am loving it!

The Working culture in Denmark and Finland is very similar in a way, a lack of hierarchy, a lot of freedom and good work life balance. I would like to say that is is very diffrent to what I have experienced in Tampere, where I have not had the best experience within the workplace. Copenhagen feels like a very diverse place, where I have been trusted and encouraged within my workplace. Maybe this would be the case for me in a larger more multicultural city like Helsinki.





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