¡Viva México!

Nevado de Toluca

Mexico has been something I could never have imagined. Amazing landscapes, cities, beaches and people, without forgetting arguably one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. I have stayed in the city of Toluca for 5 months now, and my cinema studies here in Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México are already done. At first I had some difficulties getting used to the language, since all the classes were in spanish and I didn’t speak it almost at all beforehand. Though after a month or two it got a lot easier and I started to understand the language and the classes more and more.

The school system here is quite different, it’s based on exams and grades in a much larger scale than the cinema side in Finland. But the quality of the teaching is pretty much on the same level, and I learned a lot alongside the spanish language.

This journey hasn’t gone without problems, there’s been a couple damaging earthquakes, I’ve been robbed twice and other such things, but I’m still alive and well, and luckily my insurance has covered the lost items. For people seeking comfort and security Mexico might not be the first choice, but if you’re willing to accept the possible setbacks and use common sense, you will survive and enjoy this country to the fullest.

Sayulita, Jalisco

I’m very delighted that I got the chance to travel and see the country, because there are a bunch of truly beautiful places to visit. The west coast has some incredible beaches, and for a city trip Mexico City is amazing and only about 50 kilometers away from Toluca, so you can easily go on a weekend trip there anytime. Toluca itself is quite a big city, but there’s not a lot going on so travelling is a great choice to spend your free time.

For me this has been an unforgettable experience and Mexico and its people will stay in my heart, as cheesy as it sounds. Now, off to the beach for the holidays so I can prepare myself to survive the winter of Finland once again.


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