Hakuna Matata !

Hot like a a sauna in the day and cold like the winter in the night. Dar es Salaam city in Tanzania it is. Travelling back home for my practical training especially to work in a company that is located opposite my home was crazy! fun! smart! & yeah Hakuna Matata

I worked for 6 months in the National Environmental Management Council of Tanzania that handles all environmental issues of the nation. The experience was awesome for me as a future environmental engineer. It was as though i was practising what i acquired theoretically from University. Well its a city that needs an engineer for real as i had numerous site visits and the practises all did not seem okay to me. Yes, I know Tanzania is a developing country and Yes I know there is inadequate funds but it is a straight No when the environment is being compromised negatively.

waste 2    waste 3

Flip the coin and the beautiful side of my vacation.. boom!!!!

image 1      image 2



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