Hello from beyond the Artic Circle! (Location – Murmansk, Russia)

It’s been long 3 months while I was there – in the North of the world – the city of Murmansk.  I worked in the governmental organization in the special department of ministry of emergency as an environmental engineer’s assistant.  Looking back, I can say for sure that this experience was very important for me and helped to deepen my professional knowledge.

Murmansk is the city of charming but harsh nature, it is summer with never crossing the horizon sun and it is a place where the wind almost never stops. One thing that makes this place special is the famous – beyond polar circle – nightless nights. How does it feel? Great! In reality, the midnight sun helps you to be more energized, felling that you can stay up long into the night as your body begins to synchronize with the sky overhead. And also it looks amazing!

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Murmansk is also the northern fleet! Thus, it is totally normal thing to meet military people in the street, café or grocery store!


It might seem that the life is pretty sad due to the lack of the warmth, however for me it is one of the dearest places in the world, with its magical landscape and very warm-hearted people!


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