Namaste! Hello from the country of Himalayas

Hello everybody,


A warm greeting from the land of Himalayas . Although I am not working on the Himalayas location but beautiful Himalayas attracts all. I made trip to some beautiful location where we can see the snow capped mountains bright shining in-front.

snow capped mountains



I am working in a village nearby a city on a community water supply organization. This place is also lovely and people are so friendly and helpful. I live in a rented room as here are no apartment systems. But its enjoyable to live differently although there are not all the facilities that you can find on student apartment of Finland.

Beautiful houses on the lap of hill

On my leisure time I just room around and go for small hiking. There are even more cultural things to enjoy. Good bites of MO MO’s nepali style of dumplings gives  rich taste of local food.

MO MO, yummy dish

And not to miss are many of the historic and old statues and idols every where on the locality.

Old statue on the side of road.

A photo from the reservoir of the drinking water supply tank plant where I am working.

Reservoir on high hill

Not only these, but there are a lot to enjoy and learn about in this community. As I said earlier, friendliness of people, good food, good air and surroundings attracts everyone although internet and mobile network are poor.









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