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I am on my practical training in Russia for 1,5 month already and I can confidently say that it is my the most productive summer. First of all, let me remind you that Russia is my home country so I didn’t have any problems with adaptation or any cultural shock. I am working in the centre of laboratory analysis and technical measurements. They are making eclolgical monitorings and check quality and contamination level of soil, water, air and waste. This is a governmental organisation and basicaly theyΒ  make checks of some factories, farms, beaches and other important objects that can influence environment. But also they have private orders to check drinking water from a well, for example, or others. I was assigned to work in water department. I must admit that it is more difficult than I expected. This is a real chemical laboratory, with hazardous and dangerous chemicals, various technical devices. I had to pass all the safety tests. My supervising teacher is teaching me different analysis (now I can do quite many). For example, phosphorus analysis, content of nitrates and nitrites in water sample, chlorides, sulphates, hardness of water, the amount of such metals as calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), pH measurements, alkalinity of water. I was helping to keep records on overdue chemicals. Here are some pictures from the laboratory πŸ™‚


To make my practical training more interesting, my supervising teacher took me to several water sampling operations. I was not allowed to be on a boat (2 ppl max) so I was making pictures from the shore. Here they are

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Summer is time for holidays for many people, so everyone in the laboratory is happy that I’ve come, because I’m helping them to manage with all the orders. My working day is from 9am till 3 pm so I have free evenings to do what I want. In most of the cases I spend time with my lovely friends or with family as I missed them very much in Finland. I can not post all of the pictures of me and my friends, but here is one of the decorous ones (because not many of us met that day) πŸ™‚


I like working in the laboratory very much. It is really a good experience and I like that feeling of responsibility. I am a little bit sorry that very soon it will be over but at the same time I start to miss Tampere, TAMK and my new friends from Finland.


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