Hola Chiquillos,

My time in Chile is coming to an end. After 6 months living in the big Latin American city of Santiago de Chile, it is time for new adventures and new travels.

However, I have loved living in Santiago. It is a good mix of occidental life and latino life. With its over 5 Million inhabitants, the city has a enormous cultural variety. Santiago is divided into 37 “comunas”, which are divided into 4 to 10 “barrios”. The West and South of the city are poorer areas and include “poblaciones” (like Favelas in Brazil!). The North and the East side are richer areas and actually remind me a lot United States.

As soon as you go out of Santiago, you really notice you are in Latin America: La Cordillera de Los Andes is a monster covering a huge part of the territory. You can meet Chilean pueblos which do not have a single tar road, lamas, houses made of all kinds of recycled items.

Chile is a very long country. This means it is complicated to travel around.

Chile compared to Europe

I got time to enjoy a few weeks of Summer when I arrived in March. Summer lasts from November to April. During Summer, a lot of events are organised all around the city: in parks, streets, plazas, etc. Most of the events are related to music, yoga or food.

Picnik Electronik March 2015

Winters aren’t as rough as in Finland or France, but still rougher than in other countries of South America. Temperatures go from -5 to 17 in Santiago, but can be even colder up in the mountains or in Patagonia in the South of Chile. Winter doesn’t last very long, from June to August.

As I lived in a house with 13 other people (from Chile, Mexico, Germany, Colombia, France, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, Dominican Republic), we were always on the road, meaning that we were never running out of ideas and activities to do.

Embalse el Yeso May 2015 Sunset 1 hour away from Santiago


In 2 weeks, I’m leaving for a 8 months trip through Latin America with my backpack. I will properly enjoy my last 2 weeks in Santiago. I have the chance to be here for the National Day, 18th of September. Let’s see if I survive it…


Chaooooo, Un montón de besos weones!


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