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This is my ever beautiful town in which i was delighted to have my practical training.Yes,this feels like home so probably one would think i knew what to expect but suprisingly the whole experience was exciting and overwhelming even for me who is a citizen:)


I had my practical training inΒ  the oldest and largest brewing company in Tanzania known as Tanzania Breweries Limited,it was so much fun and i gained alot from the experience so safe to say,it was a worth go.Funny enough,i thought in companies of this sort,employees can drink as much as they want on an off duty but to my amazament,Beer was like a taboo in this company and thoroughly prohibited especially on duty.But,employees still enjoyed the benefits after work hours like each of the employees was to have two drinks for free after work in the company pub.

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Like they say,all work no play makes one dull.I was able to make friends of my own age,who guided me alot about work placements and how to associate with people an also we went out on several occasion mostlly to the bach and we continued to talk more so i was so happy that my experience went as far as out of the office and also the fact that i made friends who i will eventually benefit from.

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In conclusion,I generally had a great time and very good experience and judging from the results,i think also did a great job because i was awarded with a very good certificate and to top it all,I was offered a job once I am thorugh with my studies which was so good to hear.Other than everyone is welcome to Tanzania,which my seem quite hot and annoying sometimes but definitely adventorous and a place to be.YAAASerengeti National Park.







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