Dobrý den!

Greetings from Czech Republic, Brno! Coming here was like one dream came true and I don’t regret one second that I came!

At the first week they told me that “You didn’t came here to study you came here to learn”. And that’s true, I think I have learned so much from other students around the world and I have had opportunity to tell some awesome things about Finland too ! !

I have been here now 2,5 months (and 1,5 more still ahead) and every Tuesday we have presentations of nations. At 8th of March it was Finland´s turn to keep the presentation.  Good day, it was snowing (the only day with real snow during my stay here) and we were able to built a snowman! 8)

image5 (2)

The snowman is waiting partypeople in front of the Yacht (the best “club” ever! and just next to our dorms 😉

I have traveled a lot, because Brno is situated in Central Europe with good connections of all surrounding countries. Until now I have visited for example in Prague, Znojmo, Olomouc, Vienna, Krakow, Bratislava and also in skiing centre Červenohorské Sedlo (Cityski organizes nice trips there and to Austria too) and I am planning to go to Budapest, Berlin, Croatia.. It is so cheap to travel from Brno than compared to travelling from Finland…

In Brno they have International Student Club which helps international students during their stay. They organize a lot of trips and recreational activities. So you won’t get bored here! Some of our parties and events we will have during our stay; beer marathon, tramparty, boatparty, student ball, ballet, paintball, water fight, laser game, festival, planetarium and sport activities too.

image6 (1)

                   Picture from our first event: may I introduce you the priest and bitches <3

Czech they don’t have the healthiest food but mostly I like it. Beer is cheap, even cheaper than water. Also everything else is cheaper here compared to Finland. From student canteen you can have meal in 1,6€, and in restaurant proper meal in 3-7€, beer 1€, bus&tram card for 1 month 10€… Rent is about 140€. I am living in Pod Palackého vrchem Residence Hall. The dorms are not the cleanest one but it’s fine for that price ^ ! And I have a cool roommate from Ukraine 🙂 And here is pic of my room:



And something about my studies too; my faculty is next to dorms. I study business and management. Courses are basically okay and teachers speak really good English and one teacher is a big fan of Finland.. 😀 I have free days on Wednesdays and Fridays so it’s not that hard all the time! 😉




Here is also good sport opportunities: gym is ALSO just next to our dorms and a sport hall too; there I play floorball with local students once a week.  Nice place in the summer will be Brno Lake. It was already +20 in the beginning of May!

image1 (1)

                                                                                   Brno Lake  

image2 (1)image4 (1)

On Easter Thursday you can taste green beer and enjoy the city which is actually green too! Even Holy Dildo (aka astronomical clock) is green then ! If you come to Czech Republic you will realize they have a lot of this kind of interesting architecture here… 😉 Local food in the picture; raw meat, and it was sooo good! 😛

So just come here and experience it!


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