Dzien dobry, kocham Polskę

Greetings from northern Poland!

I am currently studying at the University of Gdańsk, in the Faculty of Economics in Sopot. One of the best things about studying here is that you get to see three cities instead of just one. Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia are located so close to each other that it is very easy to juggle between them just by jumping on the SKM train that runs amid the cities approximately every 15 minutes. And the train ticket for students only costs 0,50€!

Breakfast and Sopot

Gdańsk is beautiful with its colourful old town, lively riverbank and cozy cafés. The statues and buildings are full of a historical feeling that you never get bored of.


Sopot, where I live and study, is a seaside city with crazy nightlife on the clubs of the main street. The view at the sea and the long coastline is breathtaking (especially for a girl that is more used to lakes). Walking on the beach is great and close to the big pier in Sopot there is an old lighthouse. The scenery from the top of the lighthouse is also great, so make sure to go up there. Also the big five star hotels, like the famous Grand Hotel and Sheraton are located just beside the pier. I heard a rumour that even Rihanna once stayed at the Grand Hotel.

Warm weather

When I arrived to Poland at the end of September, it was still like summer here. I think that it is still warmer and more sunny here than in Finland. I have noticed that the people here are amazingly friendly and helpful. Here is a useful tip: learn some simple Polish words before you arrive here and you will be surprised how happy everyone is when you are showing an interest towards this challenging language.

University of Gdańsk

In Poland I especially love the street markets filled with fruits, flowers, and vegetables. They are usually open until late in the night so you can always get your fresh apples from the city centre.

Gdańsk and Sopot in the evening

Also the fact that Poland is so close to many great countries makes it an excellent choice for an Erasmus exchange destination. Living here is so much cheaper than for example in Switzerland, Germany or France, but it is just as easy to travel around Europe from here. Did I already mention that you can also eat a hearty meal in a restaurant for just 5 euros?

Travelling around

Pozdrawiam, all the best from Poland!


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