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I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Lucerne, Switzerland over the past few months. It has been an experience I certainly won’t forget, as I’ve never traveled alone before this exchange. Lucerne in itself is actually quite small, but makes up for it with quite magnificent scenery and beautiful landscape. For example, here is a picture from the day I went up to nearby Mount Pilatus with my parents:


For comparison, here is a slightly fuzzy picture of what the mountain looks like from the lake of the city:



My studies here have consisted of e.g. Human Resources Management, Macroeconomics, Corporate Communication, maths and the German language of course. All the courses I took tie in well to my current study plan in Finland, which is really great since I did not get all the courses I originally hoped to have. Group assignments and small individual tasks are very common as I imagined, but what is different compared to Finland is the lack of group works in class. This depends on the teacher of course, but generally speaking the lectures were more lecturing oriented, not group works or other engaging teaching methods. That did not bother me at all, as that style suits me better personally.

During my time here I’ve also pondered about the fact that why is Switzerland’s so far above others in terms of average income level. My best guess right now is the fact that the education is on a very high level, and coming from Finland I was really surprised by the amount of knowledge and input required from the students. All that is still quite manageable, and I’ve enjoyed my stay a lot. Here is a result of that high income level, Koenigsegg Agera R. Supercars everywhere, a nice change compared to Finland in my opinion.


Of course Switzerland does come with its very high price level as I said, everything being about double the price compared to Finland. Not exactly the best option for a student, but nevertheless an experience I would definitely re-experience. We had first snow at the end of November, although the snow disappeared immediately from the city, it left a nice view from my apartments shared balcony:



Greetings from Switzerland,



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