Fish and Chips, please.

It’s been over 4 months since I the plane touched down at Heathrow. I arrived a bit ahead of my exchange studies as I also started in a new job here in London end of July.

Packing Done, time to relax!A view over London from Central Saint Giles

The British people are known for their good manners, politeness and good humour. I can concur with that assessment. My experience has been that they are also very welcoming.

A Farm in the middle of London?! Yes. Mudchute park.

As London is the European go-to-place for Musicals I of course had to check out the much praised The Book of Mormon. I can’t remember when I would’ve laughed as much in the theatre. Two thumbs up – recommended!

My exchange university, the Anglia Ruskin University, is located about an hour train commute away from where I live. It’s not too bad for London area where the commutes can be even 1,5 hours one direction.

Anglia Ruskin University - Lord Ashcroft Business School

I’ve selected modules on leadership as it’s the area of business I’m most interested in. The level of teaching is about the same than in TAMK. Britain is lagging a bit behind Finland in adopting digital services for education. Anglia Ruskin has only recently started accepting assignments digitally. This means I didn’t get to experience queuing with a hardcopy to return it to the iCentre as so many classes before ours. I don’t mind.

My classmates are excellent. For one course called International Intercultural Management we had to have  a home cooked dinner with each other, which was quite fun. People seem to have a bit more initiative when choosing groups and doing groupwork, which made it very easy for an exchange student like myself to find a group for the group assignments. Excellent.

Life in London and Studying at Anglia Ruskin UniversityInternational Intercultural Management group at work!

All and all I’ve had very good experience studying and working here. Now I’m off to enjoy the local delicacy, fish and chips. Cheers!

It's real! At least they sell Harry Potter travelcard covers :)


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