Greeting from South Korea!

안녕하세요 여러분 ~

Here writes Katja, third year sales and marketing student who did her exchange in Seoul, South Korea. I went to Soongsil University (SSU). I had 4 courses which all were 3 Korean credits (5 ECTS). I am a studying business at TAMK so I had 2 business courses, 1 culture course and of course a Korean language course. I was lucky enough that I got all the courses I wanted and I was satisfied with all choices. I felt that those courses was easier because they was made for exchange students, so we had time to see and live fully in Korea.

I stayed in Seoul for 4 months. My spare time I spent with my amazing friends, mostly wit other exchange students from our Uni and with a few Korean friend. Its really hard to get Korean friends!

My exchange in Korea has really been a 10 years dream come true. There is so much in my mind so I feel i can’t say anything but doing this exchange was my best life choice ever. Korean food is amazing, it’s heaven for skincare and cosmetic products, there is so much things to do and see. I also travelled to Busan and Jeju island.  Four months wasn’t enough to see Seoul and Korea so I definitely have to go back!


Soongsil University campus area


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