Greetings From Dobrich, Bulgaria !

varna 14-17.2.2017 190For the past two months I have been living in beautiful Bulgaria. I am living in Dobrich, which is located 40 kilometers from Varna. If you do not know where Varna is, just google Golden Sands and I am sure you know what I am talking about. Here in Dobrich lives 100 000 people so compared to other cities it’s quite small, but I love it! All locals are so warm-hearted and always ready to help.

varna 14-17.2.2017 065So, I am studying at Varna University of Management but here in Dobrich. Every day the school starts at 9.45 and ends at 15.00.  Most of the people are studying Hospitality Management and there’s only ¨few¨ of us who’s studying business. What it comes to my studies, at the moment, I am studying branding, organizational behavior and IT. One course, employability, already ended. We are having lectures twice in a week and we only have one subject in one day.

vaihto 032I am sharing my exchange experience with my best friend Elina, so we are spending our spare time usually together. Mostly we are just chilling with the other Erasmus students but also with the full-time students. We both love traveling so we have been traveling as much as possible. So far we have been in Varna, Burgas and Bukarest. After two weeks we are also going to Sofia, which is Bulgaria’s capital and from there we are flying to Athens. There’s also some great gyms, which costs only 15 euros per month, so we have been exercising too. Of course, we are having some awesome parties every weekend with all the students! Alcohol in here is WAY much cheaper than in Finland, so if you like to party, Bulgaria is definitely a right place for you !

vaihto 015

Studying in here is more theoretical than in Finland but of course we are still discussing about the main topics. Some teachers even give us some ¨wrong¨ information about some topics. For example the teacher taught as that the marketing manager is making the budget for the company. We were just laughing J it’s also nice that in TAMK we are having many subjects in one day so you do not have time to get bored because in here we are only having one subject in a day. So, at the times it’s a bit boring. Technology in our school is also a bit old at least if you compare it to TAMK. But still I have nothing bad to say about the education system in here.  Everything is great and I am so happy that I got the opportunity to make a part of my studies here in beautiful Bulgaria!

xx Julia


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