Greetings from Dortmund

The time has flying here in Dortmund! Last 4 months have been packed with fun experiences, hard studying and maybe too much of Bratwurst (some delicious German sausage), I hopefully do not have a scale with me here… 😉

The studies has gone quite well, but it has required much of work. Lot of group works, presentations, and some smaller tasks are needed to done on the small amount of time. But at the same time, the autumn here has developed me maybe more than I even expected!

Dortmund is not the prettiest city, but for a football lover like me, this is perfect place to live. Near of Dortmund is lot of attractive places to visit (Köln, Münster, Düsseldorf, Netherlands etc.) so I like this location. The life here is not so much different than in Finland. Of course, almost everything is cheaper than in Finland!

Supporting local football team with my friend =)

Best regards Isto


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