Greetings from Ensenada, Baja California.

I am In Ensenada for a Semester. The weather here is amazing and the food even better. The most popular dish you can find around is “tacos de pescado”. It is possible to find plenty of seafood around but always together with tortillas. Also is recommendable to ask if something is spicy, as most of the sauces are quite hot.

Ensenada is quite known because “El Valle de Guadalupe” There are plenty of wineries. It is a nice tourist place but a bit expensive compare with Ensenada center. Craft beer is getting very popular around the area as much as wine. The most famous breweries are from the city and few others from Tijuana.


There are few beaches around the city, and Playa Hermosa is the most popular, which is closed at the moment due to contamination.

During my free time, I go cycling and walking around the city or the beach. I like to visit some local bars like “Baja Alta” or “Wendlandt” where in my opinion, they have the best craft beer.

I am studying business administration student, and I am attending five courses at the Cetys university. The classes are virtual, but in September we will start hybrids classes, face to face and virtual at the same time.

So far I feel we have a massive load of work. The study method is way too different than in Finland. Instead of having few courses for two or three months and after that, having some other courses, we have all of them every week till the end of the semester.

Each course class lasts for two hours with no breaks and they are two times a week. The teachers always give homework, and the homework must be done within a team for the next day.

For every task we have, the teacher makes a new team. At the end of the week, we have five different tasks to do with five different teams, and it is very confusing. Then we don’t know anymore with who we are doing what.
The way they organize everything is very messy and confusing. I guess the local people are used to it but it is very stressful situation for an outsider like me. I do miss a lot the Finnish way of organizing the classes and courses.


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