Greetings from Madrid!

The exchange is coming to an end. The last month here is going to be super busy with the exams. I study International Business in a private university called Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. The school is located a bit further away from the city but it is a big campus which is super nice. On the campus we have different cafeterias, study areas and you can play a lot of different sports there. The studies are definitely different than at home in Finland but it’s been good so far!

I live right in the center of Madrid, in an area called Sol. The city is very beautiful with its old buildings and cute restaurants & cafes. I literally have everything so close to my apartment that the time after school has been easy to spent exploring the city. Here In Madrid you can walk for hours and the city doesn’t end so it’s super nice. There is also a beautiful, large park nearby where you can get a bit of nature! One thing that I’ve had to get used to is that there is so many people on the streets here. It can be super overwhelming sometimes and it can be hard to get stores or restaurants in the weekends.


I came to the exchange alone and I haven’t met any Finnish people yet. I think that it has been nice though since I’ve only spoken English and a little bit of Spanish here as well. I have met so many great people here in my studies and also elsewhere when travelling other places here in Spain. People here are super open and friendly! Most of the Erasmus/international people life in the center so it’s easy to see people outside school as well.

Overall, I love the atmosphere of Madrid. The people are friendly but also super chill and not stressed at all which is super weird but so nice at the same time. The habit of sitting down and eating dinner late in the evening for hours is so nice! You get the chance to really spend time with your friends and eat super good food and drink sangria of course!


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