Greetings from Mexico!


I’m already half way done with my exchange semester here in Mexico City and I have absolutely loved every minute of it. I was first bit terrified coming to a city of 21 million people but this has turned out to be an amazing city with endless things to do. Besides Mexico City, Mexico has a lot to offer and see so I have been exploring the country as much as possible.


My studies started already in early August and I’ve really liked the school so far. At my school there’s only 18 exchange students and everyone has been very welcoming to us. I have all my courses in Spanish and it has been bit tricky at times but Mexicans are always ready to help out. My favorite course must be Spanish course for us exchange students since besides just studying Spanish we learn about Mexican culture and traditions. We have had a salsa class, made guacamole and tacos and learned traditional Mexican games. All the other courses I have taken are also nice and interesting but it’s different from Finland. Sometimes it feels like you’re in high school because the students tend to be quite loud during the lectures and the classes are very interactive. We also have the same classes same time everyday and at times it gets bit boring but at least you get to know your classmates well.


Most of my free time is spent with friends exploring the city since there is always something happening. Another favorite thing to do is to try out different foods since Mexico has a wide selection of delicious foods. I also try to see different parts of the country every time I get a chance since Mexico is very large and diverse country. So far I have been to a few beach trips, visited some pueblos magicos and seen some natural wonders of the country. There are still so much more to see and I’m planning more trips all the time.

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