Greetings from Nicosia

I have been in Cyprus for almost three months now and I still have more than one before heading back home. I can honestly say that life is treating me well in here. Luckily I have better part of my exchange still left. The weather is getting better and warmer day by day and now it has been +30 degrees almost every day. Today started three weeks Easter holiday and after that I have only Final Exams before homecoming.


I live in Nicosia, which is the capital of Cyprus. Nicosia is a bit bigger city than Tampere and really pleasant city. For a Finn it is really weird that there are not rivers or lakes near and ocean is 50km away. Public transportation is really undeveloped here, buses go only once in an hour and sometimes they just don’t appear even though you are waiting for it.

Nicosia is quite cheap place to live. I pay under 300€ rent monthly and eating in restaurants is cheap. Travelling by bus or taxi is affordable too; bus ticket is only 75 cents for student. However, food at grocery stores is even more expensive than in Finland. Especially yoghourt, cheese and cold cuts cost a lot.


My school, University of Nicosia is the biggest university in Cyprus and overall it is really nice. Lectures weren’t as difficult as I expected after I got used to professors’ accents. There are over 100 exchange students in our school  and I didn’t have any course where wasn’t other exchange students.


I will travel to Crete for nine days during spring break. My other plans for the rest of my time in Cyprus is lay in the beach, tan as much as I can and enjoy the heat and the weather. Time has flied here so I suppose that this last month is over before I even notice…


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