Greetings from Porto!

These past three months have gone by so fast. It is almost Christmas and I have already done my first two exams. Porto is an absolutely beautiful and captivating city. The city have become familiar and started to feel like home. It is easy to move around and live everyday life here. I have travelled and seen so many things that it is sometimes overwhelming. I have visted the capital Lisbon and beautiful little cities called Aveiro, Braga and Geres.


The school was a little culture shock at the beginning. Mostly because it was strange to do face-to-face studying after two years of distance studies. Now everything is going on smoothly and I have been very satisfied with the courses I have selected. Comparing to Finland the school is little bit more laid-back. Portuguese people are not so strict with timing so it is normal to be late from 5 to 15 minutes. That has been a hard thing for a Finn to learn but actually it is kind of nice that people aren’t in a rush and so punctual all the time.


My everyday life here is build of studying, exercising, participating in social events and getting to know the country and the city by traveling and tasting the traditional food for example (and Port wine of course). The traditional Portuguese food haven’t been my favourite, but the famous dessert Pastel de Nata is amazing (if you get it from the right place). The picture above is from my favourite Nata place in Porto called Natas D’Ouro. And for a brunch lover there are so many amazing places here!


My three absolute favourite things in Porto are the beautiful sunsets, architecture and the kindness of the natives. I have also learned how to surf. Surfing in here is quite common sport because of the good and big waves at the coast of Portugal. The adrenaline rush has been amazing after successful surfing lesson!

-Milla Haaparanta


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