Grüezi aus der Schweiz!


I’m doing my exchange semester in Lucerne, Switzerland. The time that I have spent here, has been amazing and better than I could have ever imagined. The worst part is ahead when the end is coming and I have to say goodbyes to Switzerland and all the new people that I have had the honor to get to know. Now I will try to show you what I have experienced during these past months.

First of all, the city I’ve been living for a while now, is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

2015-09-06 16.18.082015-09-12 16.06.20

I have had the honor to get to know a lot of amazing people or as we call it an Exchange Family.

IMG-20151111-WA0071 IMG-20151204-WA0005

I have had really unforgettable moments.

20150909_194244   2015-10-03 16.28.29

And last but not least, I have visited unbelievable places.



Snapchat-655633889591481991    IMG_20151127_090240 2015-11-11 20.55.58  2015-10-11 12.41.09

Last but not least, a little bit about studying in Switzerland. I study in Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.  The level of the school is pretty high and sometimes studying might feel pretty exhausting. The positive thing for me was that we have been doing lots of group works and it has also been lots of fun in international groups. The problem was the lack of time because during an exchange semester there is lot of things going on but you also need to use a lot of time for studying.

Even though it has been hard to keep up sometimes, I can only recommend this university. All the professors are good and very helpful and all the local people are very friendly. There is also lots of exchange students every year so they are very welcoming. The international coordinator of this school is amazing and she has been very helpful and supportive with studies and all the Swiss bureaucracy.

Thank you for reading!




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