Hola! Que tal?

Greetings from vibrant Madrid!

The wine is cheap, food is tasty, people are friendly and the weather is nice – perfect, huh?

I have enjoyed my stay in Madrid for almost a year, first for the Erasmus period and now for the internship. My internship in a startup has been fast-paced and interesting, mostly because of my workmates who are bubbly and professional.


The people of Madrid are friendly and fashionable. I would say Madrid is one of the main fashion destinations in Europe, partly because of birthing the world’s biggest fashion retail company with its several different brands.

I will truly miss the casual strolls in Parque Retiro, walking by amazing sites every day, great food (lots of it!) and flavor-rich wines… I think I will return here one day. (Spanish guys

Hasta pronto!



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