Life in Budapest

My studies

I study one semester at Budapest Business School University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism. I chose four courses which are Event management, Tourism marketing, Establishing a commercial unit and its market launch and Organizational and human resource management. Registering for the courses was a mess but after a rough start everything started to go smoother.

Spare time

On my spare time I hang out with my new friends. We have dinner or go to a café or shopping etc. Also organized student events were especially at the beginning a huge part of my free time. I’ve also visited the most important sights. I tend to get really home sick so it was nice that some people from Finland came to see me.

Studying in Finland vs in Hungary

I feel like in Finland all the necessary information has easier accessibility. I mean that the teachers and the management send emails to students if there is something essential students have to do. I don’t feel like there is any major difference in the teaching between Hungary and Finland. Well maybe here it is more theoretical and in Finland more practical.


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