Saint-Perersburg Practical Training



As a mandatory part of my studies in TAMK in the department of International Business I was an intern in travel agency «VenFin SPb» during the period of 8 Aug – 11Nov, 2014. Working placement in «VenFin SPb» consisted of regular visits to the company, its departments, consultation with the head of practical training, collaboration with the employees and officials, dealing with records management, and customer service.


During the training  «VenFin Spb» participated in a tourist exhibition.It was held in an extremely beatiful place calle «Petergof»




Doing my practical training for travel agency in Saint-Petersburg gave me incredible experience of dealing with real business issues. Being born in Russia, I never expected that internship in my home country will be so diverting. I knew the country, its features, customer attitudes, but never been involved into a promoted business environment.  And of course, being in a home country for 3 months gave me a unique chance to be close to my old friends and relatives, have fun and enjoy the time together.



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