Experiences is what this is all about!

I arrived to foggy and grey Varna almost 6 weeks ago. First impressions were just what I expected; poor, gloomy and everything seemed difficult. When I arrived to the dormitory in Dobrich, I didn’t get the room I asked right away so I had to live in a shared room for the first week. Actually it was fine because I got to know couple of other exchange students because of that. Most of the exchange students had already been here for the autumn semester as well.


I had a couple of days to spend in Dobrich before the school started. I tried to make some friends, rested and walked around the city. Weather was colder than what I expected because of the wind. When school started I realised that there’s plenty of Ukrainian students and most of the students are younger than me, even 17 or 18 years old! Classes didn’t seem too hard because I’m a third year student and most of my classes are for second year students.


After spending a couple of weeks or so in a grey Dobrich, we got some snow. I didn’t really miss that at all.. It was -10 degrees but it felt like -20 because of the wind. Luckily the snow melted quickly and every now and then we get to enjoy the sun and +14 degrees!

On my free time I’ve mostly just been in my room watching series from my computer, writing a blog and talking with my parents and boyfriend in Skype. I’ve also spent some time in a nice park in the center of Dobrich, went to some parties and one Saturday we spent in Varna with other girls.

DSC_0018-001 DSC_0053-001 rantabaari

Week ago we spent three days in Bucharest, Romania with Spanish and Turkish girls. We got there by bus from Varna. The ride took something like 4 hours and didn’t cost much. We spent one out of three days in Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle) and Brasov and two days in Bucharest. City was really nice and people helpful. We’re planning of going to Turkey and maybe to Greece as well, when the weather gets warmer. Before coming back to Finland, I also want to travel in Bulgaria. I want to visit Sofia, Bourgas, Veliko Tarnovo and maybe Plovdiv also.

DSC_0123 DSC_0392DSC_0468

It still seems amazing how inexpensive everything is here! I’ve been eating out a lot, which is something I don’t do in Finland that often. I also went to the movies once and the movie ticket cost only 3 euros. I’m starting to get used of being here and also starting to feel homesick. I miss some things from Finland, especially my boyfriend, gigs and some foodstuff.



Before coming here, I decided that I try to make best out of this, even though I might feel lonely and the idea of coming here might feel stupid sometimes. That is why I want to travel as much as possible and try new things. I’m also thinking about getting my first tattoo here, let’s see if I have enough courage to do that!


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