Chao ban from Hanoi, Vietnam!

I have now been practising in Hanoi for one month and the time here has past very fast! Maybe it’s because here is a lot of new and different things to explore and experience. I’m supposed to live here for three months and this first month I was practising in a postoperative department in Hanoi Medical University hospital and tomorrow i start in the critical care unit of Bach Mai hospital.


Some injection and wound care equipment in the trolley


I have practical training from monday to friday from morning till noon. Typical day for a nursing student here in Hanoi is that hospital practise is in the morning and lectures from 13:30 till afternoon. Practise hours are not so long as in Finland but i have had chance to do many practical things during that time, which I’m very happy about!



Patients medications and medical liquids in an own box


Nursing studies last 4,5 years in Vietnam and students have a lot more practical training here because they go to the hospital for a practise already in the first year and the days are like I mentioned. Students don’t have so much theory lessons and sometimes teachers have to cancel because they have to be in a hospital performing  a surgery. Almost every teacher is also a doctor. Doctors also teach nursing students in the practice because nurses don’t have time for students from their work. My supervisor at the practise is a third year nursing student but I think she has many practical skills she can teach me very well.

Working culture in Vietnam is very hierarchical and students have to listen very carefully what the nurse and the doctor says. Vietnamese working style is  fast and nurses don’t do any basic care because that is nurse assistants or family members job to do. Everyone has a certain role.



Beach in Da Nang

In my spare time I have got to know of Hanoi and been travelling to Da Nang and Hoi An. I have planned to travel in Vietnam as much as possible. Hanoi is a very busy 7 million peoples city, traffic is a chaos because almost everyone has some private transportation and scooters are popular. In the traffic you have to be very careful because many people  don’t follow the rules. When you want to cross the road, you just walk and don’t stop.



Traffic in Hanoi



Water puppet theater in Hanoi Old Square



Street food take away in a bag

I think I tell you more next time and I try to tell you the main things but it’s impossible to tell everything because there is so many things you just have to experience yourself so you will understand the lifestyle of Hanoi! 😉

Best regards,

Henna Hakkarainen


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