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Hi and greetings from Ljubljana! I’m currently doing my practical training as a nursing student here in the capital of Slovenia. My exchange time lasts three months and it is almost gone. I’m going to be back in Finland next week.

In these three months I’ve been practicing in many different places, both in primary healt care and special health care. Most of the time I’ve been in University Medical Centre Ljubljana. I’ve been in many different wards, e.g. operating theatre, surgical ward and hematology ward. Every place has been different and very interesting in their’s own way. I have seen many kind of things, learned a lot and got to practice my skills as nurse. Foreign language has brought challenges to my practice, it’s been difficult to communicate especially with older patients, who can’t speak English. My colleagues here are really nice and also very interested in Finnish health care system.
I’ve also been couple of days at university, where I attended skills lab class with local students.


The main building of University of Ljubljana

Slovenia is a beautiful country and local people are kind and polite. Nature here is variable, there are mountains and lakes, caves, coast and hills. Ljubljana is known of the river Ljubljanica, which flows through the city. This city is also a popular exchange destination, there are a lot of student from all over Europe studying here.


Lake Bled






These three months have gone very quickly and I can warmly recommend exchange time for everyone. You get to see the world, meet new people and learn a lot new things and also about yourself.



The scenery there is really beautiful!

Xiaoming Jiang

11.12.2014 00:22

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