Greetings from Malta!

I´m currently here in Malta completing my clinical training in the Mater Dei Hospital, which is the only public hospital in Malta. I´m working in the paediatric accident and emergency department. Our patients are 0-15 years old children who come to the emergency due to many reasons, one thing does compound them all, they are all in need of immediate medical attention. Most days are very busy, also due to the shortage off staff but also for the reason that this is the main emergency department in the whole Island. This is my first paediatric placement during my nursing studies so I think this has been an amazing opportunity for me to learn more from paediatric nursing. I have learned a lot from many most common paediatric illnesses and their treatments and also learned how things are done in an emergency settings. In addition to that, it has been great to see how nursing is carried out abroad and also get to notice some cultural differences in the field. After this experience, I think I have even more appreciation towards Finnish health care system.

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I have to admit that spare time is my favorite time in here. I have made some new friends and it´ s really nice to explore the island and just hang out together in these beautiful settings. We like to go out to eat with my friends or just go sit in a nice café or go for a few cocktails. I have also been shopping quite a bit as I´m a crazy shopper. I have already seen most of the tourist attractions here but I still have few places I want to visit. My favorite attraction so far has been the Golden Bay, there was a nice beach and also very nice views from a cliff that we climbed to.

Ilmainen kuvapankkikuva tunnisteilla ihmiset, juoma, käsi

Working here as a nurse differs from Finland in many ways. First of all, nurses work here only 2 shift which means that there is a day shift and a night shift, 12 hours both. All though I have noticed that during this 12-hour shift nurses tend to take a break for a nap one at a time. this was very odd to me first but I have now gotten used to it. I have also noticed that the mentoring of student isn´t quite as convenient as in Finland. I also feel like here the student´s role is more to watch and listen here whereas in Finland students are encouraged to do and practice more with the help of the mentor.


Kiisa Kiuasmaa


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