Halfway of Hanoi

Xin Chao!

Almost two months has passed now and I’m more than a halfway of my exchange here in Hanoi, Vietnam. In last post I mentioned that the beginning of this month I go to another hospital (which I hear, is the biggest in Vietnam). So almost one month has passed in the emergency department and it has been very interesting to see how acute nursing works in here.

I can’t say what are all the differencies between Finland and Vietnam but I feel there is many differencies between emergency departments with these two countries (I haven’t been practicing in Finland department like this).At least I know one big difference, which is the amount of people in the department. There is a bit less than 20 patient places but it isn’t rare that there is over 20 patients to be treated at the same time. Many doctors, nurses and of course students work at this department. Usually patients are being transfered to some other specific department during the same day but sometimes patient can stay few days.


Advice poster for recognizing the similar looking medicine ampoules and packages.

I have seen in this department very multiple patients with different disorders. I have also taken ecg and blood samples from the patient, put iv-lines and many other practical things. I have also had a chance to see when doctor intubates the patient. The department is very busy and hectic; very different compared to the postoperative department.ย  First few weeks I just observed and didn’t have so many opportunities to do things and maybe that’s because of the hectic environment.


Different kind of dead snakes in the hospital and a local ambulance.

I had four day holiday so I took a trip to Dalat, which was beautiful mountain area (1500m) and lots of nature and water. I think it was very relaxing to go there and have some peace and quiet; that you don’t find from Hanoi. I think my life has started to settle down in here but I still don’t know so much vietnamese, very hardย  language:)


Cable car ride in Dalat was a bit scary but beautiful sights.

I have one more week in emergency department and after that I change to the ICU, which is not so hectic and there is more basic care. I have visited there two times. About one week and I have again four days holiday so I travel to Phu Quoc, can’t wait the beach and sunbathing!


Beautiful Dalat by day and beautiful Hanoi in sunset

Write you later,

Henna ๐Ÿ™‚


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