Pozdrav iz Hrvatske


Three months have passed here in Croatia and unfortunately in few days it’s my time to go back to Finland. I’ve been doing my exchange in Croatian’s fourth biggest city called Osijek. People here are really warm-hearted and friendly, they are always ready to help.

Croatian guys teaching me croatian dance     \     With my first roommates

Osijek has the biggest public hospital in eastern Croatia where I did my traineeship. My exchange included four weeks training in Pediatrics and 7 weeks training in Surgery. I changed department almost every week to see as much as possible.
I’m positively surprised their level of care. Hygiene is better looked after than I expected and collaboration between doctors and nurses is good. But health care is not so well organized: waiting times are extremely long and public health care is so cheap for the citizens that it doesn’t cover all the costs.

Patients medical records in the corridor \  Pediatric depatment

I worked in hospital from Monday to Friday, doing only morning shifts so I had a lot of free time and time to travel in the weekends. Mostly we have been travelling together with other exchange students which has been great! During these three months I’ve visited many places in Croatia and I’ve also been in Hungary, Serbia, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Traveler’s dream! I have ever had boring day here. There is always some events, movie nights, parties or someone asking you to go for a coffee or an ice-cream or do some sports.

Split, Croatia                                                                  \     Plitvice lakes, Croatia
Krk, Croatia                                                                    \     Zadar, Croatia

I have really enjoyed my time here. I have met amazing people from all over the world and learned to understand different cultures.
Even though this Erasmus+ exchange requires too much paperwork, it was all worth it!

– Jonna


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