¡Saludos desde España!

Dénian linna


Hello from Spain! I’m doing a nursing practical training in the hospital of Dénia La Marina Salud. The first five weeks of my training I was in a surgical hospitalization ward and then four weeks in a medical hospitalization ward. My job was drawing blood for analysis, inserting iv-cannulas, taking care of the medical treatment and wound caring. I saw some crazy wounds during my stay. Everybody was nice at the hospital, and I learned a lot.



Murcian katedraali


I noticed quite a few differences while I was working at the hospital. For example, in the ward the had like medical “cars” with a computer and a drawer for all the rooms. Every patient’s medication for that day were in the drawer. And when it was time to do a medication round, a nurse would take the car with her and see from the computer which medication to give to the patient. This wouldn’t be acceptable in Finnish hospital at all, even thought the systems was quite functional, but the patient’s privacy is at risk with this kind of system.




They had also “wound healing cars” that were very functional. Instead of picking everything you might need to take care of one’s wound, you just take the whole car, and it contains everything you might need.




Roomalainen teatteri Caragenassa

Also, there were distinctive differences between the tasks of nurses and practical nurses at the hospital. Practical nurses took the temperature of the patients at the morning, changed, washed, and made the beds of the patients. They also changed urinal catheters bags and kept tags on how many patients urinated during the day. Nurses were taking all the other vitals, treating patients with medications and fluids, and taking care of their wounds.




Espanjalaisia tapaksia ja olutta


At the hospital I met some other Erasmus students. Two Italian doctors and two Norwegian nurses. We formed a group and spent a lot of time together.  In the group there were also some Spanish with whom we got acquainted during our stay. We visited some tourist attractions and even traveled to visit other cities together. We had dinners and explored Spanish nightlife too. Overall, this was a great experience. I’m a little afraid to return to cold Finland.


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