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Music marketing and stroopwaffles

I did my spring 2022 exchange in The Netherlands in the beautiful city of Utrecht, studying the minor of music marketing and management. I spent 5 months there and I wouldn’t change a thing. My main reason for choosing The Netherlands was the minor, it was the only place where I could deepen my knowledge in the music business.

Vestkant lifestyle

Erasmus exchange program happened during Spring 2022 in the Netherland. The exchange took place at Avans university of applied sciences. The school is located in Breda city at the southern part of the Netherlands. The minor study at he target school was in the field of Biorefinery technology.

Greetings from Hague :-)

Hellou from Netherlands! I am already back to Finland but I want to share my exchange to the Hague. I spent my autumn semester in Hague and studied mechanical engineering at THUAS aka The Hague University of Applied Sciences. I was so busy and enjoying my time there so I didn't have time to write this blog post. But here you go The Hague!