Postcard From Amsterdam

Greetings from Amsterdam! My exchange here is coming to an end, so it is time to share some of my insights and experiences from my stay. 

I am a third year international business student from TAMK. I have specialized in supply chain management and finance, but I have not yet had the chance to study consultancy, so I ended up enrolling to a collection of courses relating to consultancy. Throughout the exchange I will be working closely with a client company in order to improve their current situation. It has been definitely both, fun and challenging. 

When it comes to spare time activities, I have got to say that I got pretty lucky with opportunities provided by my new classmates. A couple of them work at different tourism businesses, which results in me getting free rides on the various boat tours around the city, given that I keep them company while they work (a pretty good deal in my opinion). There also are plenty of interesting places to visit over the weekend, or whenever I’m not too busy with schoolwork. 


The daily life, or the “working culture”, was really easy to get accustomed to. At least in my case it felt very similar to what I was am used to back in Finland. People are very punctual and prepare really well for every single session for when we work on projects. Also, the fact that the school did not have a traditional cafeteria did not really leave too many opportunities for idling around the school, making workdays perhaps even more efficient. 


Overall, I must say that I feel that I definitely might right choice for an exchange destination! 


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