30 days until I see a potato again

Please send me anything but rice

It has been 88 days since I last saw a potato.

So Hi, I have now been in Seoul South-Korea for about three months and my god am I tired of rice. These people eat rice on every single meal. They have snacks made of rice, ice cream made or rice even drinks made from rice water. All jokes aside, I have been enjoying my time here in Seoul. It is a huuuuuge city with so much to do. Everything here is beautiful, but that might just be me admiring a different architecture type. My studies have been going fine. Only my math class have been going super poorly but I do blame the teacher a lot since 70% of the class failed in the midterms. That is way too high number for the fault to solely lie in the student. The studies are quite in par with my studies in Finland and I do like my courses. Even with 5 courses I have a lot of spare time on my hands. It is nice but sometimes it feels overwhelming because I feel like I have to constantly be doing something. I have no seen all the major tourist attractions. My favorite on was to rent a hanbok and go walk around in Gyeongbokgung palace. Totally recommend it. Other really cool thing to see was a drone light show. I have been wanting to see on for years and now I finally got the chance and it was glorious! I’ll see what I will do here for the rest of my time here. Most definitely going to go and see Jeju island, I heard it is beautiful. But yes South-Korea? 10/10 I do recommend.


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