A-ma-zing Berlin

Greetings from the capital of Germany! My time here has been exciting. 99 days behind full of interesting things to do. Every day has been different.


Back in Finland I am studying civil engineering and here in Berlin I am studying business and marketing. So, the only culture shock I had was from the change of subject in the school. On the other hand I find it really refreshing. If you have a chance to study something else abroad, I would highly recommend to do that! At first it was a bit hard to follow English lectures but I got used to it really quick.

I did not get a place from the student dormitory so I had to find my own accommodation. I share a flat together with one Belgian and one Dutch guy in a really nice neighbourhood in Kreuzberg. They both turned out to be really nice guys.  In the area there are lots of good, cheap restaurants and also pubs and nightlife. Berlin is really cheap city comparing to other Germany.


I have been travelling here as well. I love Berlin but when I visited München and the Bayern area, it really took my heart. Amazing food and nice old architecture plus the atmosphere.

Learning German language here in Berlin is more than a challenge. You only spend time with erasmus people and also locals know good English here. In other words, my German skills haven’t improved that much.


About one third left of my exchange and it feels like we are just getting started. Everything has been perfect here. I was so lucky that I ended up choosing Berlin. Prost!


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