Food heaven next to Mediterranean Sea!

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First month in Turkey was such a mess for that matter and real living started after all oblicated paperwork. I hope that is the only bad memory I´ll bring from here because otherwise Izmir has been quite interesting place to live. Turkish bureaucracy just can be really frustrating.

I like people in here, we get along well even if they don’t speak English so much. The city is full of friendly people who are really interested of us “white people from northen country”. They  consider us as a people from very far but I don’t feel that we are so different in the end. Stereotypes of Turkish and Finnish people have been changed quite a lot in this time: Turkish people have been also suprised how outgoing and talkative Finnish people we are and for my suprise Turkish people are really hospitable and they act like you have been their friend for ages when you get to know them.

School system in Ege University is very strict which I didn’t quite expect. You must attend all the lessons and teachers might do little quizes for the lessons to test your knowledge. For my luck my lessons are in English but it really depends on a faculty if they teach halfly in Turkish. Subjects are quite understanable but exams are full of squeamish questions. So practicly students in here have to read all the course materials more precisely.

Fun part has been of course travelling together with Erasmus student. I have seen lot of beautiful and interesting places so far and half of the semester is still left. Getting know to Turkish culture by traveling inside the country is something you cannot get from books or internet.

If I would have to say what is the best thing in Turkey I would say food. These people can really cook! And becouse I like to cook myself, I am so happy about all these fresh and cheap ingredients in Turkish food markets. But still best food I had so far here was traditional Turkish dinner from Turkish anne.



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