Greetings from South Korea!


Korea is an amazing country, no doubt about that. Everything from food, people and culture was awesome. This was my first time in Asia and during my stay I managed to visit also Hong Kong and Tokyo.


I studied in Ajou University, Suwon which is about 30 km south from the capital Seoul. I managed to get enough courses that supporty my studies, but more courses taught in english would have been nice. Studying in Ajou University wasn’t that different from TAMK. Sure the professors had their own teaching methods, and the english skills of some professors wasn’t very good, but overall studying wasn’t particularly hard.

Living in the campus was really nice. I lived in the newly build International Dormitory, with a Korean room mate. All the facilities such as cafeteria, laundry room and convenience store were just a stone’s thrown away from the dormitory. Also eating out was relative cheap compared to Finland and there were many good restaurants just outside the campus.


All in all I would definitely recommend going  to Ajou University for exhange studies. It has been a life changing experience for me and it has opened my eyes to a whole new world.

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P.S. here is a video about all the things we did during the semester.


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