Hola, amigos! Greetings from Mexico!

IMG_20150806_125139View close to my apartment

It’s been two months since I arrived here. My trip from home to here was easy, I just flied to San Diego, USA and then school transport pick up all the exchange students from the airport and drove us to Ensenada. Ensenada is quite a small but comfortable city in north of Mexico, close to Tijuana.
IMG_20150815_161106IMG_20150817_152733Surfing with friends and city of Ensenada

Weather here is awesome, +25 to 30 degrees Celsius so for us it feels like a long summer. City locates close to Pacific Ocean and that’s why here is lot of surf spots and swimming places. I live in a host family and it has been a good choice, there’s much help that they can give to your everyday life.

IMG_20150907_141317IMG_20150808_190412Street food: Tacos and vegetables; food plate from mexican restaurant

School is a private University called CETYS and everything has gone well, teachers are cool and schoolmates are always ready to help. We have also done some trips, we went to Sierra de Juares which was interesting adventure in the middle of nowhere and then I’ve also been in San Diego and San Fransisco.

IMG_20150913_112339Sierra de Juares

Still here is plenty of places where I should visit so lets hope that the second half is as unforgettable than the first one!


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