Akkurat Norge!

Dear blog- reader,

After a couple of weeks I’ll land back to Finland from my memorable practical training from Mandal, Norway. Mandal is located in Southern- Norway, nearby Kristiansand. Here in Mandal, I work at a marine- styled restaurant of this leisure center named “Marianen” .

My duty at Marianen begun on May. Before restaurant could be opened for customers place have to be cleaned, ingredients had to be purchased and crew quided to their duties. Thanks to my former experience and my level of education I got an opportunity to teach new workers and say my opinion before recruitement.

Shores of restaurant are similar with shores in my home coutry, but I have took part into creating shift- list, work quidance and beer brewing. Quess, which one is my favourite :). Customers loved the product and we had to brew more due to demand.

Working days are sometimes long, but I have enforced me by chatting with my new friends whom I have met here.

Cottages at Tregde Ferie.
Cottages at Tregde Ferie.


Brewing our beer for selling.


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