Greetings from sunny Malta!

Hey everyone,

My exchange took place here in Malta. I had been here working in this language school called Sprachcaffe Language Plus. I study hospitality management and in this language school I work in the reception of our campus, we also have option to rent rooms from booking sites like AirBnb and I mainly check people in and out and help with all the questions they might have.

I love tanning and beaches. Usually in my spare time I visit sights and chill at the beach or pool. I also spend time with my friends, I have met so many people from all around the world and I have learned a lot about their cultures as well as about maltese culture.

Work ethic here in Malta is quite different than what I have used to in Finland. People don’t care about time that much and sometimes places could be closed even if they should be open and people can be late from work and that is totally okey to everyone, this wouldn’t be okey in Finland. Sometimes there only have to be someone, they don’t have to be even working good just to be there to show that someone is available, so mostly the customer service is not the best.  Payments are usually lower than in Finland which is shocking to me because the cost of living is high in Malta.


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