Greetings from Vienna, Austria!

The exchange in Austria in Vienna got off to a great start and I got to know wonderful people from all over the world in the first week. Orientation Week began in February 2020. I admired the beautiful cultural architecture of Austria and the endless offer of the city to experience the most amazing things together with new acquaintances. Studying and celebrating stayed well balanced and I got to know the wonderful city of Vienna.

Unfortunately, the corona pandemic struck a couple of months after leaving for the exchange, as a result of which my friend and I had to return home. Unaware of what Korona is, we said goodbye to each other and to the wonderful Austria. I completed the course at an Austrian school as a distance learning from Finland. In terms of studies, everything went great and the course offer in Austria was something new and we were able to continue running the courses in international teams. It was unfortunate that the experience did not end all the way because of the coronavirus. Still grateful for what it was already two months to deliver! Thank you!



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