xin chào from Vietnam!

xin chào!! /Hello!!

I have been living in Vietnam almost three moths now, and I just love this country and these people here! I live in Hanoi which is the capital city of Vietnam. Traffic here is insane!! But after two weeks living here I learned how to drive a motorbike and now i founded that it is easier to drive a motorbike here than walk.

Vietnamese people are very kind and helpful population. Vietnam is still quite untouched tourist destination so Vietnamese people like to teach Vietnamese to tourist and learn English at the same time. If you go to have a walk near Hoam Kiem lake it´s very usual that some Vietnamese come and ask, can they show the city for you and maybe they can learn English at the same time from you. IMG_7861[1]

I have been working in the hostel called Vietnambackpacker hostel. So I´m having my internship here. I like my work here because it is very relaxed and good way to get know lots of new people. I heard so many amazing stories about where everyone have been during their travels , and after my internship I will follow those stories and travel by myself around Asia. 🙂   IMG_7899[1]IMG_7864[1]


-Ellu 🙂



😀 lovely that you like our city. Believe me, you are incredible to be able to drive a motorbike in Hanoi.

Come back some times 😀

Anh Hoang

26.3.2015 19:58

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